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Colorado photographer, website designer, man of leisure?

Gee, where do I start. Let me break it down a bit.


Colorado Photographer

That's what title I'm going with now. Although I've done more than just photography in the past 30 years, it's my main focus (pun intended) now. That and trying to make a living online. In early 2007 I "retired" from Managing a Wolf Camera store and started working on various online enterprises. After lots of research on SEO (search engine optimization), website design and the like I put up this and a few other websites. I still work every day on improving and adding to them.

Photography Guru

Being that I've spent 25+ years in the photographic industry I've received a lot of knowledge. Many years were spent selling cameras, both film and digital. More years spent in a commercial photo lab making BIG prints, and in a couple of one-hour labs. I've done color and B&W processing and made prints from 8x10's to multi-page wall murals in 4 ft by 12 ft strips. That was fun!

I want to Pay It Forward by teaching others what I know. All the times that I got to teach photo classes (three different places I worked) I really enjoyed them. To me, there's something wonderful about helping someone better understand their camera and photography. It's the primary reason I established TeachMeToShoot.com. I want to teach people, in plain English, whatever I can about digital cameras and digital photography.

ex-IT guy and Website designer

Roughly ten years of my career(s) was spent in the computer/IT field. I've built, sold, and supported computers. I've worked a HelpDesk and installed networking equipment. I've helped install and maintain a large phone system. I worked too many hours and too many weekends. I'm glad to have left that arena.

I got exposure to web design as an IT guy working at an advertising/publishing company in Florida. We hosted websites for our customers and I got to learn the basics of putting together websites. Fast forward to now and I've had to re-learn a lot. Back in the "bad old days" it was okay to use frames and tables for layout. Now they are considered evil and XHTML and CSS are the way to go. I still have a lot to learn.

Man of leisure

Being self-employed implies that you don't work a full week, you work in your PJ's and don't shower regularly. Partly true. In fact, it's just like having a regular job. Except now I am the boss of me. It takes a lot more discipline to work for yourself, but I can see that the rewards far outweigh the risks. I'm shooting for that "Man of Leisure" status!

-=[ Karl ]=-